c.v Abdalsattar Kareem Hashim Aljanabi

Name: Abdalsattar Kareem Hashim Aljanabi

Date of Birth: 1/7/1967

Place of Birth: Iraq – Kerbala- Hindiyah

Nationality: Iraqi

Material Status: Married

Language: Arabic and English

Passport No.: A9558675

Academic Rank: Assistance Professor

E-mail:abdalsattarkareem@yahoo.com, abdalsattarkareem@Gmail.com

Place of work: University of Kerbala / College of Science/               Department of physics


Ph.D. in Physics( Nuclear physics)

Positions Held: ——–

Courses Taught (Undergraduate): Mathematical Modeling, Numerical analysis, electromagnetic, mathematics, mathematical physics and environmental physics

Courses Taught (Master): mathematical physics, Special topic.

Title of the M.Sc. Thesis: A Study of Radon Concentration in the Soil and air of Some Villages in Irbid Governorate


Publications: 21 papers

1-Electro excitations of 9Be using large-basis shell model wave functions with higher energy configurations. JOURNAL OF PHYSICS G: NUCLEAR AND PARTICLE PHYSICS, J. Phys. G: Nucl. Part. Phys. 36 (2009) 105102 (9pp).

2-Inelastic longitudinal electron scattering form factors of 9Be.


3- Elastic longitudinal electron scattering form factors of 9Be.

Journal of Al-Nahrain University Vol.14 (2), June, 2011, pp.116-122.

4- Collective C2 transitions in 32S with higher – energy configurations. Iraqi Journal of physics, 2010.Vol.8, No.11, PP.102-109.

5- Radon Measurements in Different Types of Carbonated Drinks in Iraq. Journal of Karbala University , Vol. 10 No.4 Scientific . 2012.

6- Measurement of Radon and Uranium Concentrations in the Dates and their Seeds of Different Regions in Karbala Governorate Journal of Babylon University/Pure and Applied Sciences/ No.(6)/ Vol.(21): 2013.

7- Measurement of radium content and radon exhalation rates in soil samples of Al- Hindiyah City. Journal of Kerbala University , Vol. 11 No.3 Scientific . 2013.

8- Study of Radon and Radium Concentration in Water Samples in Some Regions of Lebanon. Journal of Kerbala University , Vol. 12 No.2 Scientific . 2014.

9- Measurement of Uranium Concentrations, Radium Content and Radon Exhalation Rate in Iraqian Building Materials Samples. International Journal of Physics, 2015, Vol. 3, No. 4, 159-164.

10-Measurement of Annual Effective Doses of Radon in Plastic Bottled Mineral Water Samples in Iraq. Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, 9(5) March 2015, Pages: 31-35.

11- Radium and Uranium Concentrations  Measurements  in Vegetables Samples of Iraq. Detection, 2015, 3, 21-28.

12.Determination of radium and radon exhalation rates in soil samples collected from Kerbala governorate.  International Journal of Physics, 2015, Vol. 3, No. 5, 208-212

13- Alpha Radioactivity in Various Brands of  Rice in Iraqi Market. International Journal of Environmental Monitoring and Protection 2015; 2(5): 70-75.

14- Structural, Electronic and Thermal Properties of TiC Compound in Sodium Chloride Structure.  IRAQI JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS.

 ISSN (printed) 1813-2065,2015, (online) 2309-1673.

15-Measurement of radon and radium concentrations in different types of water samples in Al-Hindiyah city of Karbala Governorate, Iraq. JOURNAL OF KUFA – PHYSICS Vol.6/ No.2 (2014)

16- A Study of Radon Concentration in Different Brands Tobacco Cigarette in Iraqi Market, Influencing Factors and Lung Cancer Risk. International Journal of Science and Technology. Volume 5 No.10, October 2015.

17- Effective Radium Content and Radon Flux Determination in Cereals and Legumes Iraqian Products, Atti della“Fondazione Giorgio Ronchi” Anno LXX, 2015 – N. 6.

18-Study the Attenuation Coefficient of Granite to Use It as Shields against Gamma Ray. Detection, 2016, 4, 33-39,

19-Radon Concentrations and Annual Effective Dose in Some Dwellings of Aun Region in Kerbala Governorate, Iraq . Journal of Kerbala University , Vol. 14 No.1 Scientific . 2016.


21- Measurement of Radon Concentration and the Effective Dose Rate in the Soil of the City of Karbala, Iraq.  J. Rad. Nucl. Appl. 1, No. 1, 17-23 (2016)

  • He has been appointed a member of the editorial board of the following journals:

1-Radiation Science and Technology(RST);

2-“International Journal of High Energy Physics(IJHEP);

3-“American Journal of Modern Energy(AJME);

  • I do scientific research in the following scientific journals resident:

1-“American Journal of Environmental Protection(AJEP);

2-“American Journal of Water Science and Engineering(AJWSE);

  • To obtain a certificate of appreciation from the Arab Union for Leadership Development, to our research paper titled:

((Measurement of radioactivity for Alpha in some types of ceramic and cement in the Iraqi market))

  • Participated in several committees discuss the doctoral students, as follows:
serial Doctoral student’s name  the title of the thesis Date of discussion University
1 Mohammed Abdul-Kadhim Hadi al-Saadi Nuclear structure of even-even Os,Pt and Hg isotopes by using IBM-2 20-9-2015 Baghdad
2  Sammah  audda Hassoun Inelastic electron- nucleus scattering form factors of some fp-shell nuclei 22-6-2016 Baghdad
3 Ahmed Hussein Ali Theoretical study of  Quadrupole moments and transition rates of some sd-shell neutron rich nuclei using different model spaces 31-7-2016 Baghdad

  • Participation in several committees discuss the Master’s students, as follows:
serial Master’s student’s name The title of the thesis Date of discussion the university
1 Wael Ali Saeed


Theoretical study of electromagnetic properties of some nuclei 16-10-2014 Baghdad
2 Doaa Rahim Kazem


Longitudinal electron scattering form factors for 54,56 Fe and 58,60 Ni nuclei with core  polarization effect 12-11-2014 Kerbala
3 Hassan Farhan



Elastic electron scattering from some nuclei using coherent density fluctuation model 30-10-2014 Baghdad
4 Mohammed Faleh Majid Investigation of nuclei skinof even-even nuclei using the self consistent mean field method 19-3-2015 Baghdad
5 Huda Zuhair Amin


Nuclear level density with neutron resonance using Gaussian orthogonal En semble theoryGOE 7-5-2015 Baghdad
6 Firas Yassin Khudair


Inelastic electron scattering from factors in Ti isotopes 6-12-2015 Baghdad
7 Fadel Mahmoud Hammoud


Inelastic longitudinal electron scattering form factors in some Ni isotopes 14-1-2016 Baghdad
8 Qahtan Adnan Hussein


Negative parity states and some electromagnetic transition properties  of even-odd mercury isotopes 16-12-2015 Babylon
9 Maha Karim  Mohammed


The study of nuclear structure of isotopes 130-150Ce using a model of interacting bosons first(IBM-1) 2-3-2015 Babylon
10 Elham J Mohmad Radon Concentrations in some the Soil and air of Dwellings in Karbala City, Influencing  Factors on Lung Cancer Risks using CR-39


12-12-2016 Kerbala
12 Umar Mahmoud Abd alhassan Theoretical study of some exotic nuclei using different system 12-1-2017 Baghdad


1-I participated in the third Conference of Nuclear Technology Uses in environmental studies / Yarmouk University/Jordan. In 2003.

2- I participated in the Iraqi national scientific conference on physics/Baghdad university/Iraq. in 2010

3- I participated in the Iraqi national scientific conference on      physics/Kerbala university/Iraq. in 2013

4- I participated in the Iraqi national scientific conference on physics/Kerbala university/Iraq. in 2014

5- I participated in the Iraqi national scientific conference on physics/Kerbala university/Iraq. in 2015