c.v Ahmed S. Al Tememe

Ahmed S. Al Tememe
Contact Information:
Tel: (+964) 07108717070
Current Residency: Iraq
Nationality: Iraqi
D.O.B: 01/1984
Title: Assistant teacher
Employer: Karbala university faculty of Science. Computer Dep. Year 2005.
Place of Birth: Karbala-IRAQ

Marital status: Married


Excellent teaching many subjects like (Advanced networking, image processing,
data security and database SQL and IT).
Excellent organization and self-managing skills.
Excellent knowledge in IT field.
Artistic sense and Strong experience in using image processing software and
designing tools like Adobe Photoshop.
Excellent Communication and interpersonal skills.
Excellent problem solving skills.
Efficient Search and pattern discovery and recognition skills.
Excellent Team-Oriented management skills.
Building overall intranet networking in Karbala university
Academic Qualifications:
Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Information Systems with (Very
Good Degree) from Al-Mustansiriyah University, faculty of Science Computer
Dep.(year 2005).
Master’s Degree in Computer Science and Artificial Systems with (Excellence
Degree) from
in Amirkabir University of Technology computer and
mathematical department in Tehran Iran (2015).

Attended Professional training on IT Administrator`s training 2011 at the ZiiK of
the TU Berlin, took it part in a seven-month special education program about IT
administration from April 2011 until November 2011 contents of the program
were system administration on Linux, computer networking services, planning
and organization and a final exam was part of program and passed with success.
Attended Professional training CCNA Exploration: Network Fundamentals with
Degree) in September 2008 contents of the recognize the devices and
services that are used to support communications across an internetwork and
build a simple Ethernet to perform basic router and switchs configuration and
verification at Bagdad university computer center.
Passed for instructor CCNA Exploration in august 2009 at Basrah university
computer center.
Attended Professional training CCNA Rounding Protocols and Concepts with
Degree) in October 2008 at Bagdad university computer center.
Attended training with Orientation and management (LMC) for students
Bagdad university computer center.
Passed for IC3 contents of the program were (Standard Computing
Fundamentals, Standard Living Online, and Standard Key Applications) at august
2010 certification for having demonstrated basic computer hardware, software
and internet knowledge and skills through the successful completion of
examinations comprising IC3.
Attended Professional training and pass with good degree MTCNA – MikroTik
Certified Network Associate at
July 2012 certification for having demonstrated
operating system of MikroTik devices in 2012.
Attended Professional MTCWE – MikroTik Certified Wireless Engineer content
(Wireless routers, RouterBoard Hardware, Wireless cards, Wireless Security
and Antenna types) in 2012.
Attended Professional training Computational Geometry in University of
Amirkabir in Department of Mathematics and Computer Science year 2013 under
license Prof. Dr. Mark de Berg.

Arabic (Native language)
English (Fluent written and spoken)
German (Basics)
Persian (Fluent written and spoken)

Hobbies and interests:
Learning foreign languages.
Free reading in IT, art, literature, religion, science and politics.
Running, walking along river-sides and sea-shores.
Listening to classical and relaxing music.