c.v Ali Fawzi Najm Al-Shammari

Curriculum Vita

Ali Fawzi Najm Al-Shammari
PhD. Computer Science
Lecturer in Computer Science Dept. – University of Kerbala
alifawzi@uokerbala.edu.iq , mobile:

Research interest: e-Voting, Verifiability and Trust, Networks Protocols, and Open Standards.
Technical interest: open source development, more specifically, in web development and python networks applications. Furthermore, embedded systems developments based on Arduino


Place & Date of birth: Karbala-IRAQ , 14 Oct 1980
Nationality: Iraqi
Language: Arabic, English and Italian
Marital status: Married

PhD in Computer Science, Faculty of Computer Science, University of Bolzano, ITALY (2014).
Master degree in Computer Networks, Informatics Institute for Postgraduate Studies, Iraqi Commission for Computers and Informatics, IRAQ (2005).
Bachelor in Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Baghdad, IRAQ (2002).
Academic lecturer at computer science department, Kerbala University, since 2006-till now.
Cisco Instructor at Kerbala Cisco Local Academy, 2008 till now.
Researcher at ICT4G Unit – FBK (Trento-Italy), 2011-2014.
Researcher at CASE- University of Bolzano (Bolzano-Italy), 2010.
Ali Fawzi Najm Al-Shammari, Adolfo Villafiorita , Iraqi Elections in 2014: A Privacy Requirement
Evaluation Based on a Polling Place Experience, Proceeding of INFORMATIK 2014, Big Data
Komplexitatmeistern, Stuttgart, Germany, 2014.
Ali Fawzi Najm Al-Shammari, Adolfo Villafiorita: A Synthesis of Vote Verification Methods in Electronic
Voting Systems. Book Chapter in Design, Development, and Use of Secure Electronic Voting Systems. IGI
Global, 2014. 92-114. 24 Aug. 2014.
Ali Fawzi Najm Al-Shammari, Adolfo Villafiorita, Komminist Weldemariam: Understanding the
Development Trends of Electronic Voting Systems. ARES 2012: 186-195.
Ali Fawzi Najm Al-Shammari, Adolfo Villafiorita, KomministWeldemariam: Towards an Open Standard
Vote Verification Framework in Electronic Voting Systems. ARES 2012: 437-444.
Ali Fawzi Najm Al-Shammari, Komminist Weldemariam, Adolfo Villafiorita, Sergio Tessaris: Vote
Verification Through Open Standard: A Roadmap. REVOTE 2011: 22-26.
Ali Fawzi Najm Al-Shammari: Design and Implementation of Digital IC Tester Interface to IBM Compatible
Computer, Kerbala University journal, Vol8(4), 2010: 144-154.

Curriculum Vita, Ali Fawzi Najm Al-Shammari
Ali Fawzi Najm Al-Shammari, Moaid A. Fadhil, Firas Mahdi Al-Salbi: Design and Implementation of
Headset Audio Stream Controller Interface to PC for using for Assistive Listening System in Sound Fields,
Proceeding of the First Computer Science Conference- University of Technology, Baghdad, February 2010.
Ali Fawzi Najm Al-Shammari: Design Direct-Recording Electronic (DRE) Voting System Dedicated For
Governmental Elections, Proceeding of International Conference of e-Government and e-Governence,
Volume 1, Ankara, March 2009.
Ali Fawzi Najm Al-Shammari, Raghad K. mohammed, Woud M. Abed: Estimation of Real Distance between
two points in Computer Aided X-Ray Dental Image of Planmeca Proline PC with Dimax Device, Journal of
Baghdad College Dentistry, Volume 20(2), 2008: 98:103.