c.v Amir Abdul Ameer Mohammed-Ali


Name: Amir Abdul Ameer Mohammed-Ali
Date of Birth : 1/7/1953
Place of Birth : Karbala / Iraq
Nationality : Arabian
Marital Status : Married
Language : Arabic and English
Passport No. : A3763259
Academic Rank: professor 4/9/2010
Place of Work: Physics Department/Science College/Karbala University
Occupation: Lecturer
E-Mail: dramir.ali53@gmail.com or amir.ali@uokerbala.edu.iq

Qualification :
1- B.Sc. (Physics) Al-Mustansiryia University (1977).
2- M.Sc. (Nuclear Physics) Baghdad University (1980).
3- Ph.D. (Nuclear Physics) London University (1991).
Positions Held:
1- Head of Computer Science Department (2003- 2004). Karbala University
2- Head of Cultural Relationships Department (2003-2005). Karbala University
3- Vice Dean of science college (2005). Karbala University.
4- Dean of Science College (24/12/ 2005-23/4/2012). Karbala University.

Courses Taught:
a- Undergraduate:
1- Nuclear Physics (Fourth year).
2- Quntum Mechanics (Third year).
3- Electronics (Third year).
4- Waves (Second year).
5- Logic Circuits (Second year).
6- Electricity and Magnetism (First year).
7- Molecular Spectra (Fourth year).
8- Modern Physics (second year)
b- Postgraduate: M.Sc.
1- Nuclear Physics.
2- Quntum Mechanics.
3- Elementary Particles.
4- Nuclear Models

1- Nuclear structure study of 192Pt and 192Os (1995).

2- Characteristics Study Of Nuclear Energy For 146Ba (2000).
3- A Study of nuclear structure of 122-126Te using IBM-1 (2001).
4- A Study of nuclear structure Of 98-108Ru even-even isotopes by the IBM
5- A Study of nuclear structure of 166-180Hf even-even isotopes by the IBM
6- Nuclear Structure Study for Low-Lying Spectra of 156-172Er in IBM-1 (2014).


1- Nuclear structure study of 188Os (1995).
2- Study of the excited states in transitional 188Os nucleus by using the IBM calculations (1995).
3- Studies of the low-lying states in transitional 152Gd (1996).
4- Collective excitation of 132Xe (2001).
5- Study of nuclear energy levels for 146Ba isotope by the IBM-1 (2003).
6- Study of nuclear structure of 122-126Te even-even isotopes by the IBM-1 (2003).
7- The total and photopeak relative efficency measurement for NaI(Tl) detector (2004).
8- The study of the effect thickness scattered material on the backscattering photons in the energy spectrum of the NaI(Tl) detector (2004).
9- Decay properties of low-lying states in 192Pt and 192Os (2006).
10- Effect of the distance of surroundings material on the signal/noise ratio of the NaI(Tl) detectors (2006)
11- Low-lying collective excitations of 98-108Ru isotopes (2007).
12- Shape Transition and Collective Excitations in 166-180Hf Isotopes (2009).
13- Shape Transition and Collective Excitation in Neutron-Rich 170-178Yb Nuclei (2012)
14- Nuclear Structure Study of 164Er Isotope in a Consistent Q Framework of IBM (2014)
15- Nuclear Structure of even-even 178-182Hf Isotopes Under the Framework of Interacting Boson Model (IBM-1). Iran J Sci Technol Trans Sci (2016).


1- The third workshop for the use of nuclear accelerators in research, training and technological applications (14-17/8/1995). Jordan.
2- The 3rd Symposium on Scientific research and Technological Development in the Arab world (11-14 April 2004). Riyadh-Saudi Arabia.
3- International Conference on Higher Education in Iraq Kurdistan Region-Erbil, 11-13/12/2007
4- The First International Scientific Conference on the Environment (22-24/11/2011). Kerbala-Iraq.
5- Member of the Scientific Committee of the first scientific conference of the College of Science (13-14/3/2013).


1- Course in Higher Education Management at the University of Surrey Under the auspices
of the British University Iraq Consortium (BUIC) from 26th to 30th August, 2008 (UK).

Training Course:

1- First Trainig School in Nonlinear Dynamics in Optics and Applications, held in
(Istituto Nazionale Ottica-CNR)- Florence- Itali, from 1st to 30th of October 2012.

Estimative Certificate:

1- Estimative Certificate from Iraqi Human Rights Watch.
2- Human Rights Watch Society – holy city of Karbala.
3- Development of Higher Education in Iraq – Kurdistan
4- Directorate of Youth and Sports of Karbala – holy city of Karbala.
5- Babylon University – Department of Physics.
6- Certificate of participation in Higher Education Administration – University of Surrey Britain.
7- Certificate of paticipation in nonlinear optics training-Italt-Florence.
8- Al Mousol University – Efforts in scientific research.
9- Scince College – Member of the scintific committee of the conference of the first scintific faculty of scinces.