c-v Aseel kariem jabbar

Persona Information

Name:  Aseel kariem jabbar

Date of Birth :  6-5-1984

Place of birth: Iraq –karbalaa

Nationality: Arabic

Gender: Female

Marital Status :Married

Language: Arabic & English

Passport No.:  

Academic Rank:Assist Lectuer

Place of Work

 Karbala university-college of Science  

M.SC   Degree of  Education in zoology Qualifications :

E-mail: aseel_karime@yahoo.com

Courses Taught :


 1-Practical parasite

2-   Entomology      


The Effect of crudeTerpenoidsextract of Chrozophora tinctoria L.on somebiological aspects of house fly Musca domestica L(Diptera:Muscidae) and isolation and identification of active compounds by using high performance liquid chromatograph.

Jouranl of karbalaa No.1 v.14 p76-84 2016

2-study the role of an insect house fly Muscadomestica in the transfer cyst parasite Giardia lamblia and Entamoebahistolytica causes of diarrhea in the province of Babylon

Accpted for publication in journal of karbalaa 2016