c v Bedour Ali Mohammed

Name: Bedour Ali Mohammed  

Surname: Al- sammawy

Date of birth: 30/6/ 1981       

Marital status: married

Nationality: Iraqi

Mobile No. : 00964  07827232282

E-mail:  Bedour 2018.a @gmail.com,          bedour.a @uokerbala.edu.iq     


1- B.Sc. of chemical science/ kerbala University/ 2004-2005

2-M.Sc. of Physical chemistry / kerbala University/ 2018

Publishing researches:

  1. Enhanced Photocatalytic Properties of Pure and Cr-Modified ZnS Powders Synthesized by Precipitation Method, Bedour A. Mohammed , Luma M. Ahmed, Journal of Geoscience and Environment Protection, 5, 2017, pp. 101-111.
  2. Improvement the Photo Catalytic Properties of ZnS nanoparticle with Loaded Manganese and Chromium by Co-Precipitation Method, Bedour A. Mohammed, Luma M. Ahmed, Journal of Global Pharma Technology,10, no.7, (2018), pp. 129- 138.


1-Physical chemistry (thermodynamic ) /2nd stages/college of science-department of chemistry.

2-Physical chemistry (practical part)/ 3rd stage /college of science-department of chemistry.