c-v Falah Hassan Igzar

Name: Falah Hassan Igzar Al Abbas

Date of Birth: 6/6/1972   

Place of Birth: Al Hindiyah

Nationality: Iraqi

Marital Status: Married

Language: ArabicAcademic Rank: Ph.D.

  • Assistant Lecturer,
  • Lecturer,

E-mail: falah72a@gmail.com

Place of Work: University of Karbala / Faculty of Science / Department of Life Sciences


Philosophy in Modern History

Positions Held:

-Director of Registration at the College of Science on 1/11/2011.-Chairman of the Human Rights Committee at the Faculty of Science since 2011.- Director of the Student Activities Division, Faculty of Science, 2016.- Member of the Unit of Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance in the Faculty of Science in 2016.- Member of several administrative committees in the Faculty of Science as well as presiding over some of them. 

Courses Taught

A-Undergraduate: Teaching human rights, freedom and democracy for the first and second stages in the Faculty of Science.

B-Postgraduate: M.Sc.

Title of the M.Sc. Thesis: The Iraqi Ministry of Education (1920-1958) Historical Study 

Publications: 1- The beginning of the political activity of the Iraqi Renaissance Party. 2 – Ministers of knowledge of Iraq and the first beginnings of administrative development in the ministry (1921-1933).3 – Knowledge and management in the states of Basra and Baghdad for the period (1914 – 1918) – the British occupation directly. 

Conferences: 1 – Historical knowledge of the service of the present and future Baghdad University / Faculty of Education Of the Humanities – Ibn Rushd – 6/3/2017 Joint Research (Berlin- Rome – Tokyo)

Postgraduate Training Schools Attended: Scientific course for the safety of Arabic in official correspondence