c-v Hareth Fareed Rasheed Zmezm

Name: Hareth Fareed Rasheed Zmezm

Date of Birth: 29/10/1978

Place of Birth: Kerbala

Nationality: Iraqi

Marital Status: marriage

Language: Arabic , English

Academic Rank: a

  • Assistant Lecturer,
  • Lecturer,

E-mail: harethfareed78@gmail.com , hareth.zmezm@uokerbala.edu.iq 

Place of Work:  uineversity of Kerbala \ college of science


 1- Master of computer Science (Network Technology)

 2- Higher Diploma (Data Security)

 3- Becholar of computer science

Positions Held:

1- adminstrator of PC Lab In Biology Department

Courses Taught


  • Teaching pharmacy collage (Windows operating system) subject which learning students (the concepts, tools and Techniques of MS-DOS Programming, Microsoft Windows Programming and compare between LINUX and Windows.
  • Teaching Biology & chemistry Department/1th and 2th Stage Students, (operating system) subject which learning students (Techniques of MS-DOS Programming, Microsoft office)
  • Teaching multi-media material in LAB2 (MULTIMEDIA) 3rd stage Department of Computer Science from 2015 to 2016.
  • Teaching COMPUTER SECURITY 4th stage Department of Computer Science from 2016 to 2017

B-Postgraduate: M.Sc.

Title of the M.Sc. Thesis: User Authentication system in E-commerce web application using multifactor authentication


  • Improving Ad Hoc Network Performance by using an Efficient Cluster Based Routing Algorithm: Indian Journal of Science & Technology (ISI/Scopus Indexed) 2016.
  • Improving Video Transmission over Heterogeneous Network by using ARQ and FEC Error Correction Algorithm: Indian Journal of Science & Technology (ISI/Scopus Indexed) 2016. 


  • Training course in Network fundamentals in alquds school Iraq – Baghdad April 2006.
  • Awareness workshop in E-government (3 working days) 7/ 10/ 2012.
  • Research paper user authentication system in e-commerce in the fourth international conference on
  • global quality and comparative evaluation of university education and post-university in Egypt – Cairo on 21/7/2016.
  • A workshop entitled the Creative Leadership and Excellence under the administration of contemporary variables in Egypt – Cairo on 30/7/2016.
  • specialized training course in preparing of leaders in Egypt – Cairo on 27-28 / 7/2016.