c-v maysaa taqi abid alhasan

Name:  maysaa taqi abid alhasan

Date of Birth: 1981

Place of Birth:   Diala   

Nationality: Arabic

Marital Status: Married

Language: Arabic – English

Academic Rank:  . Lecturer

E-mail:  maysataqi@gmail.com

Place of Work:  Karbala university-college of Science


  M.Sc. Degree of  education in   biology 

Positions Held: 

Courses Taught :


1-Practical Mycology

2-practical Microbiology toxin

3-Practical   Entomology

4- practical invertibrates and parasites

5- soil and water microbiology

B-Postgraduate: M.Sc.:

Title of the M.Sc. Thesis:

  Occurance of cutaneous mycoses among people in diala city  and venicity.    


1-Isolation  of  Candida spp .from urine .

2-Study of relation ship between intestinal parasitic infection and the yeast ynfection with  Candida in digestive system of human in Karbala Governarte

3-Identifical and  statistical study of dermatophytes in Diyala

4-Statistical study of pityriasis versicolor in Diyala city


1-  Participate in the first conferences of medical college hold on   2011.

2-   Participate in the Third International medical Education Congress hold on 25th September,2016.

3- participated in the 1st Medical Sciences Congress held on 7-9 th of December 2016 Kerbla

4- Second conference of higher education study 2016.

 5- Participate in the 3 ed hold in Veterinary medicine college 2017

Postgraduate Training Schools Attended:

1-Labouratory  and clinical  sience training held in  pharmacy  collage2011

2-training  of PCR hold IN pharmacy collage 2011

3- training  of HPLC hold in pharmacy collage 2014

4- training  of  Basic Local Ailgument Search Tool  ‘BLAST’ hold in pharmacy collage 2016

5- training  of  DNA extraction by using purification kits hold in venterinary medicine in 2016

6- training of PCR uses in identification of microbes in 2016.