c.v Muhannad Kamel

Name: Muhannad Kamel
Position: Director of Electronic computer center
RF Planning; new sites, LACs, frequency and capacity planning, site survey, final site selection and Technical site survey reporting. Network parameters check and audit also Neighbour Plan one
way, two way.
RF Optimization; DT, KPI analysis (HSR, CSSR, CDR, paging, LU and utilization ..etc) for network
level and cell level, new features activating AMR, DHR, concentric cells, DCS, HSC…etc in Huawei
good reporting skills.
Network of Electrical high voltage (11 KV to 0.4 KV )
Employer: Telecommunication.
Type of Business:
GSM Operator and optical network
Position Director of Electronic computer center and lecturer at computer science
Location: University of Karbala /Iraq

Date: May2006 till now


1. Survey the new areas and make initial plan.
2. Perform radio site optimization tasks (such as parameter tuning, frequency retune, capacity analysis,interference analysis, etc.).
3. Analyzing the drive test measurements using
TEMS Investigation Ericsson drive test tool and Nemo Handy 2.60 tool.
4. Database discrepancies fixing and fine tuning.
5. Detecting Hardware problems using the network stats and drive test.
6. Network Quality of Service statistics monitoring using OMC-R and
Optima tool “Aircom Optimization tool”.
7. Neighbor optimization, one way neighbors, NBR database optimization, BSIC plan, and optimization of LAC border based on LU and Paging Traffic by using
MapInfo tools
8. Network redesign using interference matrix (down tilting over shooting cells and lowering and reazimuth of cells changing antennas meeting coverage, quality thresholds) for using more tighter reuse pattern of GSM &DCS frequencies and data base parameters to reach the highest quality performance of the network and for capacity enhancement.
9. Responsibility of taking care of customer complaints regarding network coverage and quality.
10. Database, Handover relations, power control parameters optimization using Actix Analyzer, Drive test…etc., to enhance the network performance.
11. Giving input to RF planning department in terms of capacity, quality and coverage for expansion

TEMS Investigation
MapInfo 6, 7.8,9 and 10.
MIPT (MapInfo Planning Tool) also several Mapinfo MBX tools dedicated for planning,
optimization and data mainpulation.
NEMO Handy “Anite air interface measurement tool”
CRF “Cell Radio frequency” Optimization tool (DT post-processing).
ACTIX (Classic Analyzer, troubleshooter & spotlight)
Optima “Aircom data collection tool”.
Huawei OMC-R “M2000”.
Various MS products (Excel, access, word, power point, and outlook)
GSM Fundamental “Platform Course (HUAWEI)”
Radio Planning and Optimisation by ALPHA TECH
Antenna system and antenna manufacturing
Indoor Cell Planning of GSM on job training
TEMS Layer3 Messages Analysis
ACTIX (post-analyzer) Software by Asiacell
Air com training RF Planning. (Cell planning principleP013 &Applied network planning P014.
Air com optimization Training. (GSM Network Pre-launchO016 and Post Launch O017.
Air com tolls training ASEETE101&ILSA104 and RANOPTE115.
B.Sc. In Electrical Engineering – (-2005), University of Technology, Department of Electronic &
Communication Engineering.
M.Sc. In Electrical Engineering – (-2014), University of Technology Malaysia , Department of
Telecommunication Engineering
Experience and Important headlines that were covered during college study:
1. G S M communication 2. Analog, Digital Communication
3. Wireless Communication Systems 4. Optical Communications
5. Communication & Computer Networks 6. Satellite Communication
7. Radar & Communication Based System 8. Sonar & Acoustic Engineering
9. Advanced Digital Communication 10. Electronic cct.
11. Advanced Microprocessor System. 12. Power Electrical
13. Advanced Digital Signal Processing 14. Internet application

Mother Tongue: Arabic
Very good command of the English language,
Member of Iraqi Engineers Union.
Date of Birth: Feb.,6,1983
Nationality: Iraqi
Marital status: Married .

Address:Karbala, Iraq.

Tel. No: (+964) 7901851471

E-mail: eng_mka@yahoo.com