c.v Narjis Hadi Mansoor Al- Saadi

Curriciculum Vita

Name:  Narjis Hadi Mansoor Al- Saadi

 Date of Birth:   ( 5/ 8/ 1975 )

 Place of Birth:  Wasit – AL –Suwiara

 Nationality:   Arabic

 Marital Status:  Married

 Language:  Arabic- English

Academic Rank:  assistant proff.

 Place of Work: Kerbala University ;College of Science, Chemistry department

 Occupation- in University :  Lecturer

 E – Mail:  narsaadi@ gmail.com



   1- B.Sc in Baghdad University/ Chemistry department

   2- MSc. in Baghdad University/ Chemistry department/ Biochemistry

   3- Ph.D . in Baghdad University/ Chemistry department/ Biochemistry

Courses Taught:-

  • Undergraduate:-

        1 – Theoretical Bio Chemistry .

        2-Analytical Chemistry  Lab.  

        3- Organic Chemistry  Lab.

        4-Bio Chemistry  Lab.

  • Postgraduate
  1. Advanced biochemistery
  2. Clinical biochemistery
  3. Adviser for MSc. Students



No. Name of research Name of journal
1.       The Antimicrobial Activity of the Fenugreek Seeds   and Corn   Silk Extracts المجلة العراقية للتقانة الاحيائية , المجلد 8, العدد 1 , (2009)
2.       Extraction and purification of Urease from Proteus mirabilis المجلة القطرية للكيمياء (2009) , العدد 33
3.       Determination of some chemical compounds and the effect of oil extract from orange peel on some pathogens مجلة جامعة كربلاء العلمية
4.       Progressive renal failure in patients with diabetes mellitus المجلة القطرية للكيمياء (2010 ) , العددد 39
5.       Study the obesity effect and its associated diseases on the lipid profile and albumin levels in obese individual مجلة جامعة كربلاء العلمية
6.       Determination of lead, zinc, cobalt, and iron concentrations in sera of industrial workers

(occupational exposure)

(2011)  ,  Vol. 9 No.3مجلة جامعة كربلاء العلمية  


7.       Biochemical and demographical study of lipid profile in sera of patients with gallstone                           4, المجلد 53 ,العدد المجلة العراقية للعلوم (2012)
8.       Estimation of electrolytes in sera of patients with gallstone مجلة الكوفة لعلوم الكيمياء 2013 , العدد 7
9.       In vitro study of the anticoagulant activity of some plant


Indian journal of applied research, 2013,

volume3, issue 7

10.   Investigated of Ceruloplasmin Activity and Related Elements, Copper and Zinc in Patients with Colon Cancer International journal of current engineering and technology,

 2014,vol. 4 , No. 3

11.   Antioxidants and lipids peroxidation status in patients with colon cancer قيد النشر
12.   Biochemical Bone Markers in Prostate Cancer Patients with Advanced Bone Metastasis مجلة جامعة كربلاء العلمية

Vol.12, No. 4 (2014)   

13.    Detection of New Marker in Prostate Cancer Patients with Advanced Bone Metastasis International journal of cell science and biotechnology,

2014, vol.3


1-Genetic engineering and Biotechnology conference   

2- Babylon Science conference

3- Karbala Science conference