c-v Raghad Saad Hatam Al-Bustan


Raghad Saad Hatam Al-Bustan Name
Iraq – Karbala /1983 Place & date of birth
Arabic Nationality
Married  Marital status
Arabic – English Language
Assist. Lecturer Academic rank
Karbala university-college of Science Place of work
Teaching Occupation
Raghad_ehssan@yahoo.com E – mail
M.Sc. Degree of science in Chemistry  Qualifications
Chemistry Undergraduate Courses taught
Analythemistry Postgraduate

1-Interaction of Prolactin Hormone with the surfaces of two new Azo compounds

2- Study of  liquid-liquid extraction of Lanthanides(La) by derivative of amino acid(NAC)

3- Preparation and Identification of Azo reagent to Determine some ion as a complex by using Spectrophotometric Method .

4- Study of  liquid-liquid extraction of some Lanthanides(Nd) by derivative of amino acid(NAC).

5- Spectrophotometric Study for Determination of Cobalt (II) by the (Reagent [2-(4-Methoxyphenyl) Azo (4, 5-DiphenyIimidazole)](MPAI), International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Research, July 2016 Vol.:6, Issue:4.

6- Extraction and Determination of Caffeine content of tea brand in the Iraqi market, AL-Bahir Journal, Accepted in 24-6-2016

7- Validation and Determination of Caffeine Contents in Energy

Drinks Available on the Iraqi Market by Using High Performance   

Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Research, April 2016 Vol.:6, Issue:1


1- Participate in the first conferences of science college hold on 13-14 March 2013.

2-Participate in the Third International medical Education Congress hold on 25th September,2016.

3- Chemical Safety and security training hold on 5-7 March 2013