c-v Rana Abdul Hamza Abdul Zahraa Al-Qarraawe

Name: Rana Abdul Hamza Abdul Zahraa  Al-Qarraawe

Date of Birth: 12-12-1977

Place of Birth: Iraq – Karbala

Nationality: Arabic

Marital Status: single

Language: Arabic – English

Academic Rank: Assist. Lecturer

  • Assistant Lecturer,
  • Lecturer,

E-mail: ralqarawe@yahoo.com

Place of Work:  Karbala university-college of Science (from 2oo6 up to day)


 1- M.Sc. Degree of science in Zoology/Microbiology-Pathogenic bacteriology

Positions Held:

1- Undergraduate studies coordinator 

Courses Taught

A-Undergraduate: Molecular biology- – Supervision of graduate research-Antibiotic

B-Postgraduate: M.Sc.

Title of the M.Sc. Thesis: Detection of Neisseria meningitidis in CSF and blood by PCR and agglutination test and Bacterial culture

Publications: Detection of Neisseria meningitidis in blood by PCR and Bacterial culture


  • Conference of Science collage
  • Conference of Veterinary collage
  • Conference of Medical collage

Postgraduate Training Schools Attended: