c.v Sajid Maksad Radhi

Curriculum Vitae


Full Name: Sajid Maksad Radhi

Date of Birth: 20/03/1975

Address: ALkasam Quarter , Babel ,Iraq

Tel: +9647821238362

Email: sajid_radhi77@yahoo.com 

Correspondence: P.O. Box 200, Post Office, Babel, Iraq.


1-MSc. Chemistry    

from the University of  Saratov Government  in Russian  Federation 

2– BSc.Chemistry

College of science ,University of  Babylon, Babel, Iraq.

My Grad is 65.178%, the 5th out of 62-

3-Secondary School Certificate), (similar to International Baccalaureate)

AL KASAM for boy’s secondary school, Babel, Iraq.

My Grad is 74% –

Academic appointments:

I am currently employee at the Department of Chemistry, College of Science, University of Karbala, Karbala, Iraq since 8/11/2005 until now I worked:

  1. Lab instructor of Biochemistry from 2005 to 2010
  2. Lab instructor of Organic chemistry from 2005 to 2012.
  3. Lab instructor of Organic Identification from2005 to 2012.


Publications : ( In Engilish Language)

  1. Synthesis of Some New 1,3,4-Oxadiazole Derivatives Containing Azo Group from 5-[4-(p-Methoxyphenl)azophenyl]-2-thiol-1,3,4-oxadiozole

          By: Zaid Hassen Abood, Rahman T.Haiwal,Sajid M.Radhi and Rabab K. Hameem ,  vol : 187 .no 1019  in 2008, Journal  of the University of Karbala , Iraq .

  1. Synthesis of Some New Azo Schiff Bases and Tetrazole Derivatives from 2-Amino-1,3,4-thiadiazole-5-thiol

By: Zaid Hassen Abood,  RahmanT.Haiwal , SajidM.Radhi ,vol 6  : no 4 in 2008,  Journal of the University of Karbala ,Iraq.


3-Synthesis  of  Some New  Schiff  Base  , Teteazole and 1,3 Oxazepine Derivatives Containing Azo Group and 1,3,4 –Thiazole Moiety , By: Zaid Hassen Abood,  RahmanT.Haiwal , Hassen  T. Ganim , SajidM.Radhi , vol 19 : no 2 in 2011,  Journal of the University of  babel ,Iraq.