c.v sawsan khudear abbas

Name:-sawsan khudear abbas

Surname:-Al – Massudy

Date of birth:- 6/1/1979

Marital status:-single


Address:-Karbala/ Al Husseinia

Mobile No. :-07802826734

Passport No. :- A3804342


1- B.sc of chemical science / Babylon University/ 2002 .

2- M.sc of organic chemistry / Karbala University/ 2014.

Place of work:- Karbala University / since 2004.


1- Heterocyclic chemistry / 3 nd stage/ college of science- department of chemistry.

2 – organic chemistry laboratory/ 2nd stage/ college of science- department of chemistry.

3- biochemistry laboratory/ 3nd stage/ college of science- department of chemistry.

4- biochemistry laboratory/ 4nd stage/ college of science- department of chemistry.


Planned research:-

Synthesis of new bis 1,3- oxazepine and 1,3- oxazepane-4,7-dione derivatives and preliminary evaluation of their antibacterial activity.

الخلاصة :

In this work new bisazobis -1,3-oxazepineand 1,3oxazepanine – 4,7- dione derivatives have been synthesized via cycloaddition reaction type [2+5→7] of phthalic ,succsanic and maleic anhydrides to some synthesized bisazoimine derivatives . ortho-Tolidine was was condensed with different bezaldehyde  derivative(2, formyl furan,4-methoxy3- hydroxyl benzaldehyde,2,5-dimethoxy bezaldehyde, 4-isopropeyl bezaldehyde, and 4-clorobenzaldehyde) in presense of glacial acetic acid as catalyst in absolute ethanol to give bis-imine derivatives respectively. The resulting bisimine derivatives were then introduced in [2+5→7] cycloaddition reaction with each phthalic,succanic and maleic anhydrides in dry benzene to give new bis bis-1,3-oxazepine,1,3-oxazepane-4,7-dione derivatives respectively.