c.v Wafaa Shaker Mohammed AL-Baldawi

Name: Wafaa Shaker Mohammed AL-Baldawi
Place and date of birth: Salahuddin 1984
Gender: Female
Marital status: single
Mother tongue: Arabic
Other Languages: English
Address: Iraq – Kerbala

Scientific title and date obtained:

Assistant. Programmer – Oct. 2006
Programmer – Jun. 2010
Assistant Lecturer – Sep. 2013
Certificate and the donor:
1 – Bachelor of Computer Science – College of Science – University of Tikrit (2005-
2006) with total average for four years is 80.559%.
Graduation Project: Arabic Character Recognition using Fuzzy logic
2- Master of Science in Databases and Web Based Systems in Computing, Science &
Eng School in University of Salford in United Kingdom (20 Dec 2012)( total 83.2%)
Master Dissertation: Document Aggregation System and Security Access
2009: Participated in oracle 9i & oracle 6i developer course in
Computer Center/ Baghdad University/ Iraq
2014: participated in a course entitled: An Introduction to LATEX that was held in the
Department of Computer Science/ College of Science / University of Kerbala
2015: Participated in Persian language course (2015) in Tourism College / University
of Kerbala / Iraq

Experience: Web design by the language of the Internet in HTML,php
,Asp.net, Database Programming, Web Developing, and data security.
Research published:
AL-Nasrawi, Dhamyaa, Almukhtar, Ahmed, AL-Baldawi, Wafaa, 2015. From Arabic
Alphabets to Two Dimension Shapes in Kufic Calligraphy Style Using Grid Board
Catalog .
InfinityPress, 3/2, 42-59.
The material that has taught in the laboratory :
Windows programming in vb.net
System Analysis
Web programming in php, C sharp
Data Mining in Weka
Advanced Databases in php