c-v yass kudier Yasser alalq

Name: yass kudier Yasser  alalq

Date of Birth: Iraq

Place of Birth: – Karbala /1975

Nationality: Arabic

Marital Status: Married

Language: Arabic – English

Academic Rank: Assist. Lecturer

E-mail: yass.alalq@gmail.com

Place of Work:  Karbala university-college of Science


M.Sc. Degree of science collage

Positions Held:

 Home officer of the laboratory stores of Dep. Of   Biobiology, College of science Kerbala University 2006- 2008  

Courses Taught :


B.C.S biology


M.Sc.: biotechnology

Title of the M.Sc. Thesis:

Protein  engineering and molecular cloning of human basic fibroblast growth factor  for Treatment of  Vitiligo


1-Influence  of aquatic environment on microbiata of Liopropoma santi  fish in local in Iraq.

2-Study of bacterial pollution and some physiochemical properties for drinking water in AL-Ghadir Town District reservoirs.                                                                            

3-Evolution coffee & cardmom extract against pathogenic bacteria& fungi.

4- Drinking water pollution with lead and Its effecte on some blood indices in adult rates females

5-Effect of  Cativum  and Funaria  extracts on the growth of human pathogenic bactria and fungi

6-The Effect of salinity in the germination and Nmobadarat five varieties of wheat bread Triticum aestivum L. 


  1. The 3ed scientific Conference for Kerbala University, 9-10 April-2007.
  2. The frist scientific Conference in scientific science  for Kuofia University, 12-13 April-2008
  3. The 4th scientific Conference for Kerbala University 9-10 April-2008 The 4th .
  4. The 5th scientific Conference for Kerbala University 11-12 April-2009 The 5th

Postgraduate Training Schools Attended:

1- Attended the training (Gene Technology )  at Dep . of Biology .college of science – Kerbala University  from 4th -5th November 2009

2-participated  of National Conference “Bird’s Eye view of Biosciences Research & Academics 2012″February  16-18 /2012 at Dep.of  Biotechnology JNEC Aurangabad  india

3- participated  of  National Conference” interdisciplinary  Approaches in Pharmaceutical  Research– 5th &6th March 2012 at Y.B.CHAVAN  CLLEGE OF PHARMACY  .Aurangabad  india

4- Attended the training “Scope &career 0pportunities in life sciences “hold on   3rd Febuary  at the Sakolkar  life  sciences &Research Center “.Aurangabad  india

5-Attended work shop (identification the  cancer by PCR)  at Medical college -Bagdad University from 26-27\9\2016

6- Attended  work shop(application of  HPLC)at pharmacy college Babylon University on 2016-12-19

7- Attended work shop(SHOTING OF PCR) at pharmacy college Babylon University on 2016-12-26