c-v Zahraa Raheem Kadhim Murshidy

Name: Zahraa Raheem Kadhim Murshidy

Date of Birth: 21/ 9/1984

Place of Birth: Najaf

Nationality: Iraqi

Marital Status: Married

Language: Arabic – English

Academic Rank: Assistant Lecturer

E-mail: zahraa_flo122@yahoo.com

Place of Work:  Biology department/CollegeofScience/KerbalaUniversity


 Master degree in biology science

Positions Held: 

Courses Taught


  • Ecology and pollution 3rd
  • Medical plants 4th stage .
  • Food and industrial microorganisms 4th


Title of the M.Sc. Thesis:

Extraction and purification of flavonoids from green tea leaves and

pomegranate peels and determination of their antioxidant activities.


1-Screening some local plants extract in terms to total phenolic content and flavonoids and determination of their antioxidant activities and antimicrobial to Staph.aureus.

2-Determination the optimal condition for extraction flavonoids and total phenols from green tea leaves extract and evaluate their antioxidant activities.


  • Conference of science college 2013, 2017 .
  • Conference of medical college 2016.
  • Conference of Veterinary college 2017 .

Postgraduate Training Schools Attended:

  • Chemical safety and security training hold on 4-5 march 2017 .
  • Chemical safety and security training hold on 22-23 march 2017 .