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Computer Vision is an interdisciplinary field that deals with how computers can be made for gaining high-level understanding from digital images or videos. From the perspective of engineering, it seeks to auto mate tasks that the human visual system can do. Our research group is working on a range of topics in Computer Vision,Image Processing and Pattern Recognition. More specifically the goal is to infer properties of the observed world from an image or a collection of images. Our work combines a range of mathematical domains including statistical inference, differential geometry, continuous (partial differential equations) and discrete (graphtheoretic) optimization techniques. Other aspects of our work include the analysis, use and generation of static data such as images as well as time-varying data such as video and moving objects.

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Research Area
 Statistical, syntactic and structural pattern recognition
 Machine learning and data mining
 Artificial neural networks
 Dimensionality reduction and manifold learning
 Classification and clustering
 Graphical Models for Pattern Recognition
 Representation and analysis in pixel/voxel images
 Support vector machines and kernel methods
 Deep learning
   Pattern recognition for big data

 Transfer learning
 Semi-supervised learning and spectral methods
 Model selection
 Performance Evaluation
1- Dr. Ashwan A. Abdulmunem
2- Dr. Dhamyaa A. AL-Nasrawi
3- Lect. Noor D. Al-Shakarchi
4- Lect. Hiba J. Aleqabie
5- Lect. Inas R. Shareef
6- Lect. Mais S. AlMasuadi
7- Lect. Elham M. Abdalameer
8- Asst. Lect. Rafeef F. Al-shimari
9- Lect. Enas A. Mohammed
10-Asst. Prof Asia M. Alzubaidi
11-Zinah A. Abdulrazzaq
The group has a computer lab equipped with Visual studio, MATLAB 2016, Python 3.6.
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