Curriculum Vitae, Zainab mahmud hassan

Curriculum Vitae, Zainab mahmud hassan

 Zainab Mahmoud Hassan         

  1. Sc. Inorganic chemistry

Lecturer in karbala university                                         , mobile:+9647726721401


Nationality: Iraqi

Date of Birth: 14  April 1984

Place of Birth: Baghdad-IRAQ

Marital status: Married

Academic Rank: assistant teacher


  • Sc. (Chemistry, Inorganic chemistry), Baghdad University, Baghdad, IRAQ (2016).

  • Sc. (chemistry), Baghdad University, Baghdad, IRAQ (2005).


  • Coordination Inorganic Chemistry.
  • General Chemistry.


  • Zainab M. Hassan, “Synthesis and Spectral Analysis of Some Metal Ions Complexes with Mixed Ligands of Schiff Bases and 1,10-Phenanthroline, Bag. Sci. J. Vol(13)-Issue 1, 2017.