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The cyber security research group is a new research group acting under the umbrella of Computer Science Department – University of Kerbala. The main goal of this group is to communicate and exchange scientific experiences on cyber security domain topics and to activate researchers and expert’s roles in the field of security in order to reach innovations. The group is eager to build interdisciplinary collaboration with other research groups to produce joint projects.  As mentioned above the group is its early phases, so if you would like to discuss an area of research in more details please email us:

Research Areas (main and interdisciplinary)

  •        Blockchain technology applications.
  •        Threat analysis.
  •        Penetration testing.
  •        Enterprise security.
  •        Web applications security.
  •        Mobile security.
  •        Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) security.
  •        Human factor and cyber situation analysis.
  •        Network security.
  •        Ubiquitous security (including not limited to IoT)

Members (to be accumulated)

  1. Dr. Zeyad S. Aaber Al-Khafajy
  2. Dr. Ashwaq Mahmood AL-Abaichi
  3. Ass.Lec Mahir Hassan Kadhim


  • The group has a computer lab equipped with the necessary software and hardware required to conduct research projects.
  • The group has initial sponsorships and collaborations with business and governmental bodies.


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Projects (to be confirmed)

  1. Governmental services Blockchain adoption.