College of Science conducting a virtual workshop on using Google forms and procedures to reduce the chances of cheating in electronic exams

Using the FCC program, the Computer Department at the College of Science held a virtual workshop entitled “The Administration and Mechanism of the Electronic Exam Using Google Form and the Measures Taken to Reduce Cheating Chances”. The workshop was offered on Tuesday 5/5/2020 with the participation of more than 700 scholars from various Iraqi universities.

Programmer Dunia Jasim Muhammad, a teaching assistant at the computer department, stated that the workshop dealt with how to construct an electronic exam using one of the Google services, namely Google forms. It explained the type of questions that can be created within the form and how to add a secret code given to the student to enter the exam. Finally, a tool was suggested to be added to the form to set the exam time and close the form when the time is over, as well as sending the exam to the students’ emails automatically without the need to send it manually or publish the exam link among students.

The head of the Computer Department, Dr. Haider Abdul-Amir Marhoun, added that the various platforms used by university teachers came to meet the different demands of the educational process, according to specializations. They are considered an important link between the student and the teacher during the quarantine period imposed by the Corona pandemic.