Using rice husks in preparing solid silicone organic systems in a master’s thesis at the College of Science

The MSc student Alia Dhahir Muhsin of the Department of Chemistry discussed her thesis entitled “Preparing solid organic silicone systems extracted from rice husks, and using them to adsorb some metal ions.” The discussion was held online using the Zoom program on Thursday 23/4/2020 due to the current health condition under the Corona pandemic.

The researcher stated that she extracted silica from the rice husk ash (RHA) and treated it with sodium hydroxide to prepare the sodium silicate solution. She explained that prepared hybrid solid ligands were used in extracting metal ions from their aqueous solutions by the effect of different conditions such as: exposure time, pH of the solution, the concentration of metal ions, and the ligand mass. She added that the aims of the thesis can be summarized in:1- Preparing solid-silicon organic ligands with silica extracted from rice husks.2- Diagnosis of solid-silicon organic ligands by appropriate physical methods.3- Absorbing some binary ions such as nickel and cobalt ions from their aqueous solutions in different conditions.

It is to be mentioned that the study was conducted under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Haider Hameed Muhsin of the College of Science, University of Karbala. The discussion committee was composed of Prof. Dr. Ashour Hamoud Dawood of the Department of Pharmacy, University College of Israa and Assistant Professor Dr. Baqir Abdul- Zahra Jouda of the College of Science, University of Karbala and Assistant Professor Dr. Tariq Hussein Mugheer of the College of Medicine, University of Babylon.