Starting Final Electronic Exams at College of Science

The College of Science started conducting the final exams for undergraduate students in morning and evening studies of its four departments for the academic year 2019-2020 electronically on Sunday 26/7/2020 via the Classroom platform. This came in implementation of the directives of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the recommendations of the crisis cell to preserve the safety of our students and avoid the risks of spreading the Corona pandemic through gatherings.

The Dean of the College of Science, Dr. Jasim Hanoun Hashim, stated that today we witnessed a remarkable achievement, as our four departments (Physics, Chemistry, Computer and Biology) began to introduce our students to the electronic examination platform.

He added that after the success we achieved in conducting the electronic exams for postgraduate students and fourth sitting exams, which resulted in the success of all our students participating, we have returned today to resume the march and complete the academic year that was exceptional in everything. As we take the experience of electronic exams, we feel very proud for defying the hardships to make our students and their families happy.The dean expressed his thanks and appreciation to all the examination committees, the teaching staff and the college personnel, including employees and workers for their collaborative efforts to end the current academic year and upgrade our students to a higher stage. He also promised to supply us at the end of these exams with the news of their success.