” Identifying the research gap ” the title of a panel discussion in the Department of Biology at the Faculty of Science.

Within the scientific program for this year for the Department of Biology, a scientific lecture in a panel discussion entitled “Research Gap” was presented by Prof. Dr. Wafaa Sadiq Mohsen on Tuesday 2/2/2021 and held in the department’s presidency room. A group of professors and researchers were attended for this discussion.
The presenter has indicated that the benefit of identifying the research gap is helping in defining the framework of the research and initiating it. In addition, the scientific reading of the researchers is another important point, whether vertical or horizontal. Also, She was confirmed that without a clear research gap, the researcher cannot defend his research within other similar research.
She added that the research that does not contain a new or recent research problem is considered duplicate research and does not add a clear scientific addition. The scientific addition is closely related to the research gap, which is either: an analytical gap, a time gap, a knowledge gap, a spatial gap, an application gap, or a methodological gap.