Dr. Prof. from the Department of Chemistry is preparing a new catalyst by environmentally friendly method

Dr. Prof. Haitham Dalloul Al-Shibli, in the Department of Chemistry, was able to prepare a new catalyst in a joint international research, which was published in the (Research on Chemical Intermediates).
magazine and classified within Scopus containers category Q2 with an impact factor of 2.262 under the title
(A green and simple method for the synthesis of 2,4,5- trisubstituted-1H-imidazole derivatives using acidic ionic liquid as an effective and recyclable catalyst under ultrasound)
Al-Shibli said that in this research, Bronsted acid was prepared as a new catalyst in the form of an ionic liquid that helps in the preparation of heterocyclic compounds in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner. The new catalyst is characterized by the possibility of reusing it more than once and in small quantities, so it is environmentally friendly.
He added that the heterocyclic compounds that were prepared had high product ratios and were prepared in a short time through the use of ultrasound.