Kerbala University has attended a conference at Georgetown University in the United States.

Assistant Professor Dr. Baqer Abdul-Zahra Judah Al-Ardhi participated in the Seventh International Conference on International Health Regulations at Georgetown University, USA, which was held in the Kingdom of Urdu in Amman.
The presence of Al-Ardi, a representative of the SMC Higher Ministerial Committee, gave a lecture on the level of safety and security in the academic institutions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research as one of the members of the management of one of the discussion sessions in the conference.
Al-Ardhi’s goal in his lecture is to clarify the most important principles used to maintain security and personal safety from chemicals.
Al-Ardhi pointed out the importance of acquainting university staff with the most important internationally adopted regulations to preserve their health from the effects of chemicals and the diseases they produce that may cause great harm to public health.