A lecturer from the University of Kerbala participated in a workshop in Amman

Assistant Professor Dr. Baqir Abdul-Zahraa Al-Ardhi from the College of Science at the University of Kerbala gave a scientific lecture on the most important principles used in the use of the epidemiology training program as well as the quality of the FETPs program to maintain public health. This was within the activities of the seventh scientific conference held by Georgetown University of America on International Health Regulations in the Jordanian capital, Amman.
Al-Ardhi said that his participation came based on his choice as a representative of the SMC, indicating that the aim of the participation is to familiarize university staff with the most important regulations followed internationally to safe their health from diseases that may affect huge numbers of people, as well as the great harm they cause to the Public Health of people.
He pointed out that his lecture focused on learning programs that greatly reduce the phenomenon of environmental pollution.

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