The College of Science has held a panel discussion regarding the microbial function of the soil.

The College of Science has held a panel discussion about the molecular assessment of soil microbial function and the community’s response under of various soil management practices. This session was prepared by the lecturer Sned Shamel in the department of biology with the participation of the dean of the College and the department’s lecturers.
The seminar aimed to demonstrate the impact of different crop production strategies on soil microbial communities and soil microbial function. The study has concluded highlighting the importance of the studying functional and structural microbial communities under different management practices, especially different fertilization strategies. This is to get a clearer picture of the impact of agricultural practices on soil biodiversity and health.
It has recommended the importance of noting the need for further research across a wide range of soil types, climatic zones and land-use systems before drawing any concrete conclusions about the use of organic versus commercial fertilization.
The Dean said that the university always strives to improve its scientific output.

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