The College of Science holds a panel discussion on the green chemistry

The College of Science has held a panel discussion on green chemistry by Prof. Dr. Lumma Majid Ahmed, Head of the Chemistry Department, lectured.
The lecture clarified the meaning of the term green chemistry and its use in clean technologies that are less dangerous to health or the environment or have no effect, as well as this term, which appeared at the beginning of the nineties of the last century.
She has added that it has 12 principles, which focus on how to reduce and recycle the waste generated during the preparation of chemicals through processing or using environmentally friendly materials. Furthermore, photochemistry of the types of this chemistry, which are without side reactions and lead to the transformation of dangerous and toxic substances into environmentally friendly materials or creating a balance in the environment through the use of light or sunlight to produce solar cells and electrochemistry fall within the categories of techniques for green chemistry.
Lumma explained that using plant extracts to prepare nanocomposites without resorting to many chemicals by using natural materials found in leaves, flowers, seeds or roots of plants.