A lecturer from the University of Kerbala has published a paper in the Indian International Journal of Physics.

Prof. Dr. Uday Dawood Salman from the Department of Physics, College of Science, published a research paper in the Indian International Journal of Physics within Scopus containers with an impact factor of 1.947 within Q2.
The researcher indicated that his research includes calculating the nuclear shell model by using the expansion of the model space to include four shells (S1, 1p, 1d – 2s, 1f – 2p) with space truncation to (2hw), which is enough convergence for these cases. Calculations were included Baseline polarization by Tessie model using Nushell code and calculation of elastic and inelastic conformations and energy levels for the low-excitation state of the lithium-6 core. The large-based calculations of the stoichiometric energy levels and the multi-polar conformation are consistent with the experimental results.