A lecturer from the College of Science (Prof. Dr. Baqir Abdel-Zahra Gouda) participated in the proceedings of the International Scientific Conference on Chemical and Biological Safety (ABSA) with his research (Secure biological and chemical materials and related assets throughout the supply chain)
The researcher said his participation came at the invitation of the conference organizer in the United States of America.
He added that the conference was held in Minnesota, USA, and his participation was not limited to presenting his research at the conference, but rather attending all conference sessions at a rate of ten sessions, attending a panel discussion, and visiting the University of Minnesota. He also attended many side meetings with representatives of several universities and agencies. And international institutions, as well as holding a meeting with the donor for the project to rehabilitate the laboratories of the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Kerbala, to see the percentage of completion of the prepared designs.

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