A master’s thesis at the College of Science at the University of Kerbala has discussed a study on the preparation and diagnosis of imidazole dye derivatives and their application in dye-stimulated solar cells by a student Seif El-Din Fahim Abdel-Hussein.
The study aimed to prepare six new imidazole derivatives designed according to D-π-A geometry to be used as dyes in dye-stimulated solar cells as well as to characterize the prepared imidazole derivatives by spectroscopic techniques. FTIR, 1HNMR, 13CNMR and Mass spectrometry and validation of the efficiency of these dyes by applying them in dye-stimulated solar cells.
The study concluded that a series of six organic dyes based on the imidazole ring was designed and synthesized as donor, bridge, and receptor groups for application in dye-stimulated solar cells. As well as, the efficiency of solar cells was verified using different types of substituted groups on the imidazole ring. These groups enhanced their solubility by Reduce dye buildup.
The study recommended preparing new imidazole derivatives dyes with new compensated groups as donor and acceptor groups, as well as supporting the experimental part with a theoretical study to know the dyes suitable for application in dye-stimulated solar cells.

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