The University of Kerbala, with a scientific delegation, have participated in the launching activities of the developed specialized teaching methods curriculum, which was set up by the Ministry of Education in cooperation with the United Nations Development Program. The delegation representing the University of Kerbala included professors and technicians specialized in teaching methods and continuing education, represented by:
Prof. Dr. Salah Majid Kazem Al Saadi
Prof. Dr. Yahya Obaid Raddam Al-Tai
Prof. Dr. Mowaffaq Kazem Al-Hasnawi
Professor Ghassan Jassim Assi
The Ministry’s advisor, Dr. Alaa Abdel-Hassan Attia, has explained during the launching ceremony for the modernization of the specialized teaching methods curriculum that the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has deliberately moved in cooperation with relevant international organizations toward modernizing and developing curriculum and teaching mechanisms in Iraqi universities in accordance with the path of global developments adopted in reputable universities. He added that the continuous development and updating of educational policies, their foundations and tools constitute a strategic basis within the comprehensive development circle that is based on knowledge and its various forms.
For his part, the Director-General of the Department of Studies, Planning and Follow-up, Dr. Ihab Naji Abbas, has confirmed that higher education institutions in Iraq have prepared an integrated plan to modernize the educational system, enhance programs and curriculum, take into account, quality systems and academic accreditation, develop teaching mechanisms and move towards flexible education, noting that the ministry has made important steps in cooperation with Experts in the field of teaching methods from Iraqi universities and the United Nations Development Program.
In her turn, the representative of the United Nations Development Program in Iraq, Mrs. Zina Ali Ahmed, has indicated in her speech that the United Nations Development Program is committed to working and coordinating with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Iraq and opening more prospects for cooperation towards keeping pace with scientific developments, pointing out at the same time that this trend is to prepare And the implementation of the unified curriculum for teaching methods in thirty-seven centers of continuing education in Iraqi universities represents an important interactive starting point in the field of modern knowledge marketing and engagement.

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