c.v Ihsan Mahdi Shaheed AL-Dahhan

Curriculum Vitae

Full name Ihsan Mahdi Shaheed AL-Dahhan
Date of Birth 9-8-1972
Place of Birth Kerbala – Iraq
Gender Male
Citizenship Iraqi
University / Employer Kerbala University/College of science/chemistry department
Qualification M.Sc. in chemistry
Title or Position Assist. lecturer
Area of Discipline Analytical chemistry
Full Address Saif  Saad/Kerbala/Iraq
Business Tel. +7801006377
E-Mail Address ehssanmahdy@yahoo.com




English Language Proficiency Level Good
Training Session
·  Operation training ( HPLC,UV-Visible , Atomic absorption)

·  Chemical Safety and Security Officer Training

·  ITP-Toefl training course

·  Computer training


·  Practical Analytical chemistry/1nd and 2rd stages/college of science-department of chemistry

·  Practical Instrument analysis/ 4th stage/college of science-department of chemistry.

·  General Chemistry / 1st stage / college of science – department of biochemistry.

·  Practical general Chemistry / 1st stage / college of science – department of biochemistry.

·  Practical biochemistry / 1st and 2nd satge / college of science – department of biochemistry.

·  Pollution /3rd stage /college of science-department of chemistry.



Published research
· simultaneous determination and validation of chlorpheniramine maleate, acetaminophen, phenylpropanolamine hydrochloride and caffeine in tablet dosage form by using reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography (RP-HPLC), Abdulbatri M.M and Ihsan M. Sh. ,ijpps , India , Jul 2013 , Vol 5 Suppl 3.20013

· Interaction of prolactin with the surface of two new Azo compounds ,Hussein Kahdem  AI-Hakeim , Ihsan Mahdi Aldahan , Zainab Hussein Muhammed AI-Hillawi , Raghad Saad Hatam Bustan , ijpps , India, Mar 2014 , Vol 6 , issu 4 .

· Adsorption of  Metronidazole Drug on Bentonite Clay surface , J. of  Kerb. Univ.,2005.

· Synthesis and identification of some new 2,3-disubstituted  1,3-oxazepine -4,7-dione derivatives containing Azo compound and 1,3,4- Thiozole Moity, asian Journal of chemistry ,Vol 27 , No. 8 ( 2015 ) , 3074-307