Information Security Research Group

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The research group is a good way to communicate and exchange scientific
experiences on various topics. The purpose of this research group is to activate
researchers and experts roles in the field of security in order to reach innovations
of high efficiency. The research group of Information Security is a growing group
in the Computer Science Department – University of Kerbala. If you would like to
discuss an area of research in more details please email us:
Research Areas
 Cryptography
 Information Hiding
 Cloud Security
 Bioinformatics
1- Dr. Ashwaq Mahmood AL-Abaichi
2- Asst. Prof. Dr. Dhamyaa Abbas AL-Nasrawi
3- Dr. Zeyad Sabah Aaber Al-Khafajy
4- Dr. Ayad Hameed Mousa
5- Dr. Enam Hadi Abd
6- Dr. Mohammed M. Hassoun Al-Jawad
7- Lect. Noor Dhia AL-Shakarchy
8- Lect. Hiba Jabbar Aleqabie
9- Asst. Lect. Rand Abdulwahid Albeer