Administrative Section Tasks


The administrative section consists of the following units:

  1. Issued and incoming books unit.
  2. Personnel unit.
  3. The electronic archiving unit.
  4. Storage and preliminaries unit.
  5. The data base unit.
  6. The service unit.

Work in the section is distributed like the following:

Muna Rasheed Sanad/ Administrative unit manager

Responsibilities: Supervision on the work of all the units of the administrative section.

  1. The personnel unit:

This unit is concerned with the personal files and preliminaries of all college officials and workers and supplying the required information and career summaries on all college personnel in addition to archiving their preliminaries. The concerned official is Ms. Fatima Jabbar.

  1. Issued and incoming books unit:

This unit is concerned with every official book that comes into the college and every official book that is issued from the college as well as archiving issued books. The official concerned with issued books is Mr. Zahir Kadhim Tallab. This includes the colleges issued books, photocopying, distributing and registering them for the concerned party, in addition to archiving issued books.

  • Typing books:

It involves typing all books including requests, administrative orders, generalizations, career summaries and any order issued by the college under any title. The official concerned is In’am Hashim.

  1. The electronic archiving unit:

This unit is specialized with archiving all books issued by the college and those coming into it. The official concerned is Ms. Walaa’ Sha’lan Sarhan. Her duty involves archiving all the college’s books since the college establishment.

  1. Storage and preliminaries unit:

This unit is specialized with keeping all books in their allotted places as well as supplying any required book or any preliminaries for a particular book. It is also concerned with keeping the preliminaries of received and issued books.

  1. The data base unit:

This unit is concerned with preparing a comprehensive data base for all the college’s personnel including officials, teachers, contracts, daily wages as well as undergraduate students and all information related to them such as date of birth, specialties, place of work, etc. Ms. Widad Razzaq Idan (Statistics section manager)

  • Personnel:

It is concerned with the college’s staff, their salary increases, promotions and updating the information related to their salary increases, promotions, maternity leaves as well as organizing the college’s internal structure and updating it. The official concerned is Ali Muhammad Kadhim.

  1. The services unit:

The duty of this unit is obviously keeping the college clean in all its premises, gardens and lavatories, etc. as well as other services like moving the furniture, etc.

Officials and workers:

  1. Abdul-Ameer Sultan Farman/ services unit manager.
  2. Laith Kadhim Abdul-Hussein.
  3. Majid Abdu-Hussein.
  4. Ali Falih Radhi.
  5. Salim Mahdi Abbas.
  6. Baha’ Hasan Iswad.
  7. Haidar Fadhil Abdul-Sattar.
  8. Ali Kamil Muhsin.
  9. Hussein Abdul-Razzaq Abd Ali/ The college’s mailman for inner and outer mail.