Dean’s speech



بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

(( يَرْفَعِ اللهُ الَّذينَ آمَنُوا مِنْكُمْ وَالَّذِينَ أُوتُوا الْعِلْمَ دَرَجَاتٍ ))

صدق الله العلي العظيم

     In the Name Of Allah, Most Merciful, Most Gracious

Allah elevate those of you who believe and have been granted Knowledge ranks


The college of sciences laid its foundation bricks in 2001 as the ministry of higher education and scientific research gives much shrifts to expanding the research foundations to keep pace with the drastic nowadays development in all the walks of life and to embrace the decreasing number of the province population in training scientific cadres competent to offer scientific and educational services to their vicinity in the short run and their country in the long run . The college consists of four departments ; chemistry, physics, biology and computer science , the studying period covers four years , the graduate is to be granted a BSc in the sheer sciences and the college grants a MSc in physics, chemistry and biology as well.

The college targets to prepare graduates competent in the sheer sciences to work in the various state field and the private sectors. In 2005-2006 the first graduation process happened for biology and chemistry to trigger the other graduating processes of the departments to have students armed with the four years sciences they acquire : 2385 BSc graduates and 73 MSc graduates come to light .

Moreover the college urges the scientific research ,commences to unknot the environmental problems ,broaches solutions and offers societal services : Western Euphrates and Al-Razaza Research Unit is an advanced scientific centre , established in 2004, giving highly scientific research and technical consultations to the state foundations and other society foundations; there are specialized scientific conferences and activities ;  five conferences in this concern, four students conferences , CISCO courses, environment safety , chemical security , radiation pollution and human development.

In the college are there a scientific number of laboratories equipped with the most scientific devices and specialized laboratories for the higher studies , the college offers academic and scientific consultations , finds solutions to the problem the state foundations and private sectors confront under the shade of its consultation bureau and hold training courses , symposiums and lectures aiming to develop the technical and scientific skills for the college and university employees o0n the one hand and those who pay much heed to science and technology on the other hand. Besides, the section of Quality Insurance and Performance Assessment endeavours to elevate the college into the national and then the international accreditation in concordance with the programs of total quality, the electronic web site falls in the midstream of importance for the college to expand the electronic learning .

Without the technological and scientific development , does the college of sciences envisage that there are no revivalism and development in a country, in particular Iraq . In having so the college endeavours vehemently to develop the text books, use the modern educational teaching methods , provide convenient infrastructures for such a target , grant evolution to the administrative , technical and teaching cadres and maintain the competence of the students in cooperation with similar colleges, state foundations and the private sector ; it is just to contribute in developing the country and maintaining the society to cull a rung in the hierarchy of the international authenticated colleges.