Head of the department’s speech (physics)


      Allah almighty urged the Holy Prophet (PBUH) to guide his nation to the importance of extrapolating and learning the different life necessities that help build life in a way that guarantees God’s satisfaction of first, and brings happiness to human beings as well. It also prevents cases of assault and trespassing, and the emergence of life systems that hinder man’s integrative career towards God who created the universe. Then Almighty God showed man his innate abilities that enable him to be the first creative actor in the wide world of creatures.

      Here was the good start for scientists and the various sciences in the world. It stemmed from man’s curiosity in the various fields of science and humanities. Physics is one of the most sciences that link the different areas of pure and applied sciences. The Physics Department at the Faculty of science in the University of Karbala pays a great attention to authentic scientific curriculums that are applicable in the various fields of work and life that help the country carry out its functions and push it up towards the rank of developed nations, based on science and knowledge.

       So the world’s view of physics and physicists is a view of respect and appreciation for the abundance of scientific and practical advantages that physics grants mankind, and for achieving welfare and scientific progress and safeguarding communication between its various communities.