Secretariat of the College Council

      Secretariat of the College Council is a unit dealing with the meetings of the college council, the supreme administrative and  scientific  authority in a college , consists of the heads of the scientific departments and deputy dean for  scientific and administrative affairs and pays heed to arranging the meetings of the college council , biweekly, documenting the minutes and doing the duties below:

 1- Preparing the college minutes discussed in the council session to decide or to modify or to reject as mentioned in the commencement schedule , showing the minute to the dean for signature and sending it the secretariat of the university council for ratification.

2- Giving notice of the university council ratification to the heads of the departments, deputy dean for scientific and administrative affairs to commence what is decided and ratified.

3- Documenting the minutes of the departments and having the ratification of the dean ” the chairman of the council and devolving the issues pertinent to the university council ratification to be shown to the university councilors to decide what convenient.

4- Taking cognizance of the commencement to the college council decisions.

    Ultimately, the secretariat of the college council hereby , directly pertains  to the dean, the council chairman and the college council secretary , incharge, commences what the dean requests from : at the eye of the dean he is the responsible one .