The Department’s Vision, Mission and Goals (Biology)


The Department of Biology at Kerbala University seeks to provide learning and motivation environment for students and staff. Additionally, the Department looks for attracting academically excellent staff who, through their teaching and research, can make a positive impact on graduates.


The mission of the Biology Department is to firm up its work by encouraging creativity and invention forms of education and scientific research, as well as supporting the distinguished teaching staff. Moreover, the Department sets ambitious goals for its continuous improvement plans that are in accordance with the actual needs of the labour market and improving the quality of graduates.



  • Encouraging creativity and invention in higher education.
  • Continuing to develop plans and programs by following the accurate methods and expanding the links between teaching staff and students.
  • Developing a program to attract, retain and promote top talents.
  • Upgrading the academic performance and encouraging the use of scientific methods that improve the general outcomes of graduates.