The Department’s Vision, Mission and Goals (computer)

The Mission:

The mission the department attempts to achieve is to prepare distinguished students in quality, efficiency and capability to confront the various challenges that may encounter them in the fields of work and find correct and quick solutions to push up the institutions they work in, whether they are industrial, commercial or educational, and try to increase and improve their production.

The View and Objectives:

  1. Adopting creative and innovative techniques in all methods of teaching instead of spoon feeding.
  2. Employing various mechanisms to evaluate the students’ skills to measure their capabilities accurately.
  3. Using a wide range of techniques for access to knowledge including textbooks, internet articles, videos and task performance individually and through team work.
  4. Qualifying students for occupational work, so the department prepares its laboratories for all software applications and provides the required personnel and the most modern equipment available.
  5. Providing a suitable environment to conduct the relevant studies demanded by the Iraqi market or address the problems encountered in the country.
  6. The student should be qualified to submit a good procedure for a scientific research project and should be able to put a plan to finish his project within a specified period of time.
  7. Providing all sorts of video and audio equipment and various teaching aids in order to better attract the student’s attention and as an easier way to convey the material.


We will do our best to achieve our department’s current mission and objectives and hopefully keep looking forward to new horizons for a better future.