The legal section tasks

The legal section is concerned with following up the college’s legal affairs in all fields such as preparing undergraduate and postgraduate student guarantees as well as our officials’ guarantees. The role of the legal section member stands out in his capacity as a member of the promotions committee and investigation committees in addition to offering legal consultancy in the various affairs required by the administrative work and following up the section’s daily mail.

The legal section official

Ahmed Ni’ma Abdul-Salam

Tasks and duties of the legal section

  1. The work of checking and investigating committees and following up the measures taken according to the recommendations endorsed by the committee after getting the dean’s verification.
  2. Offering opinion and legal consultancy

The legal section is concerned with giving opinion and legal consultancy in the applications submitted by the college’s teachers and employees as well as backing up the administrative section in the administrative orders to show their consistency with valid laws and instructions.

  1. Preparing students’ guarantees

The registration section prepares undergraduate and postgraduate students’ guarantees to ensure keeping public money during the study period.