The organizational structure and tasks of accountancy and storage units

  • First: A summary on units of the accountancy section

The accountancy section in the College of Science consists of the following units:

  1. The current budget unit
  2. Higher education funds unit
  3. Evening studies accountancy unit
  4. Consultancy office accountancy unit

These units are run by the college accountants. Their tasks can be summarized by the following:

  1. Reviewing all papers received from the dean office, the office of the president of the university as well as other sections and offices. (purchases, loans, salaries, expenditures, etc. before sending them for checking)
  2. Checking the budget and setting up funds before purchasing.
  3. Preparing the college’s assumed budget.
  4. Writing cheques for finished and checked papers.
  5. Checking the tables sent monthly to the university’s presidency office.
  6. Following up financing from the university’s presidency office and available money with the bank.

Accountancy section officials and their duties:

  1. Ali Nasir Hussein/ Accountancy section manager
  2. Saud Aziz Mahmoud/ Current budget and consultancy office accountant
  3. Siham Matar Hasan/ Higher education funds accountant
  4. Vian Saladin Ali/ Salaries and wages accountant
  5. Ni’ma Hamza Salman/ Evening studies and lectures accountant
  6. Amir Hamza Salman/ Funds Secretary


The section aims at:

  1. Increasing incomes to relieve possible shortages and activating the role of workers on all educational activities through paying them annual rewards.
  2. Registering, classifying and analyzing ongoing processes on incomes and expenditures.
  3. Controlling incomes and expenditures.
  4. Preparing the financial budget at the end of every year to be aware of the financial state of the funds.

Tasks of the units:

  1. Keeping income book

      The duties of the funds accountant are the following:

  • Getting incoming sums of money and writing receipts in this respect.
  • Registering the sums taken in in the income folder and on the basis of successive numbers in the notebook.
  • Handing the accumulated received sums to the official state bank.

  1. Keeping payments book

The expenditure document is written down according to date and follows the unified accountancy system.

  1. Keeping the employment book

The document is written down according to type of expenditure.

  1. Keeping the daily public affairs book

Closure documents, documental settlements and loan settlements are deported to it.

  1. Keeping the public support book

The final accounts are prepared through it.

  1. Keeping the accountancy 16 book

Priced documents are written down in it.

  1. Keeping the bank checklist match

Matching the current account with the bank checklist and preparing a summary according to the unified accountancy system.

  1. Keeping the evening studies accounts book
  2. Keeping the cooperation mechanism accounts book.
  • Second: A summary on the store room unit

This unit belongs administratively to the accountancy section in College of Science. The store secretory receives equipment and furniture and officially keeps them in the store room after official consent is obtained. The same regulations are done when taking things from the store through preparing the appropriate documents. The store secretary shifts the material received according to the aforementioned documents to accountancy book 13 and according to the accountancy classification.

The store unit officials and their duties:

  1. Hussein Mubarak Muhsin/ Miscellaneous material store secretary  Manager of Accountancy Unit/ College of Science