The statistics section tasks

Statistics section manager/Ms. Widad Razzaq Idan

  1. The statistics section belongs to the office of the dean assistant for administrative affairs according to the college’s internal structure. It is concerned with any statistical work related to the college’s personnel including teachers as well as permanent staff, contractors and daily wages employees in addition to undergraduate students. It also replies to books from the university’s presidency office related to them.
  2. Preparing a comprehensive data base on the college’s personnel including teachers as well as permanent staff and daily wages employees. It is continually updated and the university’s presidency office is supplied with the updated versions.
  3. Following up sick, normal, unpaid, maternity and study leaves.
  4. Preparing statistics related to employees and teachers transfers from and to college inside and outside the university.
  5. Registering thanks, absences and punishments of college personnel.


Smart card and the electronic control:

Working on the program of electronic control of the smart card and the card of the personal information of the college’s personnel and undergraduate and postgraduate students