The vision , mission and Objectives (Chemistry)

There’s one single vision the Department of Chemistry is looking forward to achieve. That is to get researchers and scientists who can present great services in the field of chemistry that act for the benefit of man and the environment.


The Department of Chemistry adopts a mission through which it aims to supply the society with highly-efficient and experienced graduates who can match and even surpass their counterparts in advanced international universities.


The Department of Chemistry aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Getting highly-efficient graduates who can surpass their counterparts in international, regional and national universities.
  • Developing the teaching techniques through providing the most up-to-date video, audio and written teaching aids.
  • Furnishing the advanced research lab with modern analysis equipment.
  • Establishing the principles of safety and chemical security in training and advanced labs as well as the chemicals store room.
  • Improving the educational curriculums in a way that matches the modern scientific progress.
  • Focusing on the practical side in scientific research.
  • Promoting the training labs with modern scientific experiments.
  • Running several training courses for state establishments.
  • Increasing cooperation with all state research establishments, presenting services and exchanging information.
  • Focusing on e-learning.