Vision and Goals of College

Vision :

Without the technological and scientific development , does the college of sciences envisage that there are no revivalism and development in a country, in particular Iraq . In having so the college endeavours vehemently to develop the text books, use the modern educational teaching methods , provide convenient infrastructures for such a target , grant evolution to the administrative , technical and teaching cadres and maintain the competence of the students in cooperation with similar colleges, state foundations and the private sector ; it is just to contribute in developing the country and maintaining the society to cull a rung in the hierarchy of the international authenticated colleges.

Message :

A promising message the college of sciences takes hold of to bring its targets into effect in paving the way to competent graduates with skills and information of different sheer sciences, for instance, physics , chemistry, biology and computer science buttressing them in the practical fields of the research ,educational and scientific state foundations to serve societal issues . Into the heart, the college exerts itself to run pace with the most recently tackled levels of text books , teaching methods and the research compass of various  sheer sciences fields .


 Targets :

The college of sciences, in the long run, calibrates to graduate students with BSc and MSc of physics, chemistry , biology and computer science to participate in the state foundations or the private sectors of education, research, sciences and service . However , the college aims to adopt knowledge and the scientific skills to serve the society and developing issues and to solidify the rapports between the university and the academic foundations on the one hand and the social foundations on the other hand , it is to state the details of such targets in three axes:

Axis one: BSc Studying Program Targets

  • Providing the students with the rudimentary information of sheer sciences.
  • Widening the scope of the students in the fields of humanist sciences and general culture.
  • Developing the skill of the English language in teach most of the subjects in English.
  • Granting the students experimental and practical skills in the scientific loci sand laboratories.
  • Calling the students to the most recently tackled levels of various sciences and concomitant technologies fields .
  • Developing the scope of the student in the research orbit and providing him with the commonalties of the scientific research under the shade of the graduation project.
  • Developing the skills of the students in deduction ; analysis , information manipulation and conclusion.
  • Reinforcing the scientific morale in elucidating the phenomena , discussion and argument.
  • Inculcating the sense of satisfaction of the science perfection to cull the truth.
  • Cultivating the personality of the student and exposing his trends and talents under the shade of sport, cultural and scientific activities.
  • Reinforcing the collective morale under the shade of laboratory achievements or joint reassert projects .
  • Inculcating the norms of appealing instructions and regulations , respecting the foundation a student pertains to and preserving its properties .
  • Encouraging the figment of citizenship and the love to the land .
  • Rehabilitating the students to acquire necessary skills to work in different fields , state foundations and private sectors.
  • Cuddling the precocity students and stimulating them into being future scientific leaders as teachers or as researchers.


Axis two : MSc Studying Program Targets

  • Providing the students with advanced information in the sheer sciences.
  • Calling the students to the moist recently research prows of various sciences to run pace the crestive development in science and technology.
  • Reinforcing the skills of the students in lecture presentations , discussion and scientific debates.
  • Developing the skills of the students in dealing with modern programs.
  • Developing the levels of the English under the shade of teaching most of the subjects in English.
  • Granting the students skills of IT manipulation.
  • Developing the ability of the students in deduction.
  • Providing the students with the rudimentary information of the scientific research gambits.
  • Granting the students practical skills to be brought into effect in the practical fields.
  • Adjusting the research focus of the students to serving the societal issues and the needs of the state foundations.
  • Preparing students competent enough to purse the PhD in Iraq or abroad .
  • Providing the academic and industrial state foundations and scientific centers with researchers in various sciences; physics, chemistry and biology.


Axis three : The Targets of the College to Serve the Society

  • Holding training courses in line with the axes the society and state foundations could exploit .
  • Endeavoring to channel the research studies into developing the developing projects.
  • Holding cultural symposiums to transpire the scientific cognizance on the scale of the populace.
  • Offering scientific consultations to the state foundations.
  • Endeavoring to urge the advent guard college cadre in scientific committees of the various state
  • Holding continuous education courses for the employees of the state foundations.
  • Endeavoring to broach recommendations to the troubles the society might confront .
  • Doing scientific reach for the state foundations and private sectors.