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Our mission is to address the research problems within the context of communication networks. The research trends vary from network design perspective to real-time event simulation. The group have international collaborations with world leading researchers. The research group of Communication Networks (ComNet) is a growing group in the Computer Science Department – University of Kerbala.

If you would like to discuss an area of research in more details please email us:  comnet.rg@uokerbala.edu.iq

Research Areas

  • Routing Protocols
  • Queue Management and Algorithms
  • Wireless Sensor Networks and IoT
  • Network Design and Optimization
  • Green Networks
  • Disaster-Resilient Networks
  • Network Security
  • Cloud Provisioning


  • Zaid Nasralla
  • Haydar A. Marhoon
  • Saif A. Abd
  • Huda Hallawi
  • Research Asst. Ahmed Saleh


The group has a computer network lab equipped with 3 layer 3 switches, HP Server, and 25 PCs. NS3, AMPL/CPLEX, MATLAB 2016, Python and OPNET are installed on the server.


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