The College of Science has discussed a master’s thesis about electrodeposition of metals from eutectic solvent (DES), by student Zina Jabbar Muhammad

The study aimed to clarify the electrostatic precipitation of many metals, such as zinc and cobalt, and zinc and cobalt alloys, in 400 Ethaline as a eutectic solvent with a uniform layer. As well as knowing the physical properties of coating fluids such as conductivity, viscosity and the statement of electrochemical properties of coating fluids using the cyclic potentiometric method and the effect of water and materials additive such as nicotinic acid (NA). Boric acid (BA) and ascorbic acid (AS) on brightness and form deposited minerals of 5. DES and mechanical and physical properties of mineral film such as morphology, roughness and thickness with XRD, AFM samples analysis.
The study concluded the effect of water and additives on the electrodeposition of zinc, cobalt and Alloy them on the iron model. Furthermore, finding the additives used to have an effect strong on the deposition of the minerals described above. The results show for the first time that Zn-Co precipitates can be prepared from ionic liquids using water. It was found that the conductivity of the coating solution increases with the increase in the amount of water, but the conductivity decreases when using an additive, and new types of Co were formed when water was added to the electrolyte. And their alloy, and the deposition decrease is with the presence of boric acid, nicotinic acid and ascorbic acid, where this decrease is due to the adsorption of those components on the surface of the electrode, which prevents the deposition of metals.
The study has recommended examining other metals for deposition on a light steel material, such as: Cu, Ag, Sn, Mn.
2. XRD, SEM-EDX and AFM characterization.
3. Characterization of the coating liquid such as: conduction and UV radiation.

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