Data and Submission


All paper that meets the requirements below will be published in one of the following publishers:
Scopus JournalsNon- Scopus Journals
Key Engineering MaterialsEngineering Headway
Materials Science ForumEngineering Innovations
Solid State PhenomenaEngineering Chemistry
Defect and Diffusion ForumDiffusion Foundations and Materials Applications
Advances in Science and TechnologyJournal of Metastable and Nanocrystalline Materials
Advanced Engineering Forum


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submission of paper starts from (15/03/2024) until (15/05/2024), and authors will be notified of the acceptance of their paper for participation in the conference or not, before the conference takes place, with sufficient time after the completion of the journals’ evaluation process.

Note: Participation and publication in the conference are in following stages:

  1. The paper must be original, and it has not been previously accepted in any journal or under consideration for publication elsewhere.
  2. The paper must be sent in MS word format.
  3. The paper must be written in English.
  4. All paper that meets the requirements below will be published in one of the following publishers:
  5. Paper is submitted by filling out the following form: Click here

to determine the possibility of participating in the conference (whether the paper meets the conference’s circumstances, the topic of the paper’s compliance with the conference’s themes and objectives, and the scientific and technical level of the paper) after the initial examination of the submitted paper. Then a publisher and/or journal is nominated to send the paper to it by the author according to the instructions provided via email.

  1. Scientific evaluation of papers is performed by the journal itself according to its publishing policy, which determines whether the paper is accepted for publication or not. In the case of acceptance for publication in the journal, it will be accepted for the conference, and the author will be notified, and the remaining conference participation procedures will be completed.
  2. Participation fees in the conference for accepted paper, according to paragraph (2), are 450,000 Iraqi Dinars, including publication fees in the journals.
  3. Presentation only (inclusive of accommodation, breakfast and lunch), 75,000 IQD.
  4. Note that the publishing housenet includes classified journals and others not classified. If publication is accepted in Scientific.Net Publishing House and in one of its journals not classified in Scopus or Clarivate databases, the author has the right to withdraw the paper before paying the conference participation fees and chooses to send it to another journal within the conference’s journals in international databases (Scopus and Clarivate).
  5. Regarding the journals of the Swiss publishing house Scientific.Net, the publisher has the right to accept or reject the submitted research. Furthermore, the aforementioned publisher is responsible for distributing the research among the journals and informing the researchers accordingly (meaning that the selection of the journal for the research is made by the publisher and not the researcher).

11. For any query, please send an email to (